Why is Recycling Important?

Why is Recycling Important?

  • Posted: Sep 30, 2011
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Everyone knows that recycling is important, but do you really know why? “Why is recycling important?” is a question more people should be asking. When you learn the answers to this question, you’ll probably be more motivated to recycle at home, at work, and at school. You might even want to start new recycling programs in your community! Here are just a few answers to the question, “Why is recycling important?”

It saves energy

These days, energy is a huge issue. While American hasn’t decided where she will continue getting energy, we can start reducing our energy consumption right now through recycling. Making new products from raw materials takes a ton more energy than making products from recycled materials. According to ilacsd.org, it takes 96% less energy to make new cans from recycled aluminum cans, 76% less energy to create plastic bottles from recycled ones, 45% less energy to make new paper from recycled paper, and 21% less energy to create new glass products from recycled glass!

It saves natural resources

Even renewable natural resources such as wood from trees can become depleted over time because we consume them more quickly than they can grow to replace themselves. Recycling saves all sorts of natural resources, including metals, coal and oil that are burned for energy, trees, and resins used to make plastics!

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It reduces pollution

Because recycling uses fewer raw materials and less energy, it reduces pollution overall. Plus, recycling keeps more items out of the landfill, which results in less accidental pollution near the landfill. Recycling materials like plastics and metals that can be harmful to the environment also reduces water pollution, since these harmful chemicals and additives can leach into the environment when they’re simply tossed into a landfill.

It keeps landfills smaller

Opening a new landfill is a sticky mess politically, since no one wants a new landfill right in their back yard. It’s also an environmental problem, since properly disposing of trash and keeping harmful items within the confines of a landfill can be difficult. Recycling keeps landfills from filling up more quickly than they can be dealt with, which keeps us from having to deal with the problem of opening new landfills around the United States.

These are just four reasons that recycling is incredibly important. If you still aren’t convinced, just think about how easy recycling is! Most communities these days have recycling pick up programs or convenient drop off locations. Through companies like Recycle San Diego, you can even recycle harder-to-recycle items like electronics! If you want to find out where you can recycle various items near your home, check out Earth911.com.