Reuse Friday: Making New Candles from Old Stubs

Reuse Friday: Making New Candles from Old Stubs

  • Posted: Oct 28, 2011
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By Jeffrey Harding

Do you have a bunch of old candles lying around your home that still have plenty of wax left? Most of the time, candles will burn out their wicks long before they’re out of wax, especially with jar candles. But don’t through those yummy scented candles away – Reuse them! It’s really simple, so here’s what you need and what you need to do to reuse your old candles:

You Need:

  • Old candles, of course
  • Deep pot for melting candles
  • Stirring utensils
  • Candle wicks (find them at most craft stores!)
  • Candle molds (you can also just reuse the jars from your jar candles)

To Reuse Candles:

1. Pair like with like. Don’t ever try to melt different types of candle wax together, since they have different melting points. One might reach its burning point before another is totally melted, which could be disastrous! It’s best if you even stick candles of the same brand together, since even two soy candles from different brands could have different compositions.

2. Melt the candles. Start melting jar candles still in the jar by placing the container inside your melting container over low heat on the stove. Once jar candles are melted, pour out the wax into the mixing and melting container. Non-jar candles can just be dumped into your melting container and stirred until melted.

3. Pull out the old wicks. Carefully pull out the old wicks and discard them.

4. Dip the new wicks. Get your new wicks ready to go in your molds by dipping them in the wax and getting a coating of dried wax on the bottom of the wicks. Then, place your wicks in the center of your molds.

5. Pour your candles. Pour the wax carefully and a little at a time into your candle molds. You’ll need to stop every so often to reposition your wicks to the center of the candle before continuing to pour. If your candles are jar candles, you’re done, but if you’re using molds, you’ll obviously have to pop the candles out of the molds to use them.

(Alternative Step 5: If you like taper candles, you can make these, too. You’ll need to make sure your melted wax is fairly deep. Then, simply take candle wicks that are longer than your desired taper candle length and dip them into the wax. Between dips, allow the wax to solidify. Continue dipping until your candles are the size you want them, trim your wicks, and light your candles!)

If you melt multiple candles in different colors or scents at the same time, you can even create layered jar candles, which make great gifts. You can also reuse boring white, unscented candles and make them more fun by adding coloring and scent to your candles. Most craft stores sell some candle coloring and scent additives, or you can get real essential oils to add authentic scent to your homemade, reused candles.