Plastic Recycling Business

Plastic Recycling Business

  • Posted: Nov 23, 2011
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Ensure Your Business Pursues Plastic Recycling

We think often about the amount of paper our businesses use on a daily basis, but we might not stop to consider other waste that could be recycled.  How much plastic does your business consume on a yearly basis?  If you stop to think about it, you may discover that you’re throwing out more plastic than you realized.  This doesn’t just take into account the bottles tossed in the break room, either.  You should think about the electronics, packaging, and any other waste you may throw out every day.

Separating for Collection

Of course, the plastic from your refreshment bottles and the plastics used for packaging are often completely different.  This means you won’t be able to keep them all together when you’re ready to take them to a recycling facility.  It’s a good idea to keep everything separate, from electronics and telephones to the shrink-wrap that comes on office products, so that you don’t cause unnecessary stress at a later date.

You’ll be surprised at the amount of plastic you collect throughout the year.  Businesses use so much more material than people realize, and all of that goes to a landfill if we don’t make the effort to recycle or repurpose our rubbish.

Where to Recycle Your Materials

Most of the plastic you wish to recycle can be dropped directly to a recycling facility, but some may require special attention.  If you are hoping to recycle electronic equipment that contains plastic, you will need to read the policies for the collection facility before you visit.  Some charge fees for disposing of electronics.

If your business uses a very large amount of plastic, such as for packaging or for creating plastic materials, you may find facilities though Recycle San Diego that will come pick up large amounts of plastic waste.  Simply call first to get the information you need.