Recycling Door Door Pick-up

Recycling Door Door Pick-up

  • Posted: Dec 05, 2011
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What is Meant by the Term Door-Door Pick-Up?

The implication for door-door pick-up is two-pronged.  It could refer to door recycling, as in recycling hollow core doors, as well as other door parts, or it could refer to door-to-door pick-up services for recycling.

What are some door recycling options to look into?

When it comes to door recycling, you can salvage many parts of a door, including hinges, doorknobs or locks.  Additionally, there are ways to restore antique doors, or even recycling the wood of a door.  In addition to repairing and restoring doors for use in other properties, it’s also possible to salvage the materials; for instance, doors can be turned into cabinets, and boards into floors.

Door-Door pick-up services are highly convenient for residents and owners alike…

The other avenue to explore in door-door pick-up is in door-to-door pick up services.  These services are provided by environmental groups in an effort to promote recycling.  Such a service can collect recyclable materials by going to door-to-door in selected neighborhoods.

Some arrangements are volunteer efforts, while some are paid services, as there are many benefits that come from door-door pick-ups.  It can enhance the reputation of an individual home, neighborhood or apartment complex.  Such a service also saves a person time and daily hauling efforts.  Some door-to-door services even pay clients for their recyclables, which provides supplemental income.

What are some other benefits that can come from recycling?

Other benefits for residents and property owners include convenience, safety, crime deterring and a superior living environment.  Why not start thinking about ways to recycle, whether by re-using or salvaging old construction supplies, or by arranging for someone to come take away all of your recyclables?  Remember, even if you can’t afford the time to recycle, there are others who are willing to do it for you!