The Importance of Proper Waste Disposal Using a San Diego Waste Facility

The Importance of Proper Waste Disposal Using a San Diego Waste Facility

  • Posted: Feb 07, 2012
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By Jeffrey Harding

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established laws for proper waste disposal that protect the health of the environment and protect people from serious illnesses. When waste is disposed of improperly, toxic substances leach into the ground, contaminate water supplies, and can cause widespread health problems.


Non-toxic waste will also present major public health problems and environmental damage when not disposed of properly. Just think of past civilizations in which human populations were wiped out due to improper waste disposal. These days, it is possible to both protect public health and prevent environmental damage through proper waste disposal and recycling programs.

With the world population increasing faster than ever, it has become imperative to manage waste properly and to reuse or recycle items when possible. You will find a number of resources in your area that will help you to safely dispose of both toxic and non-toxic items.

When managing waste in your own home, try to keep waste items organized in separate containers. For instance, trash should be kept in one bin while recyclable items should be stored in another. Keep in mind that hazardous waste cannot be put out on your curb like regular trash and recycling. Doing so could earn you a fine. Since a single gallon of motor oil, for instance, will contaminate 1 million gallons of groundwater if disposed of incorrectly, it is easy to understand why fines are given out for improper hazardous waste disposal.

If you are unsure about an item, contact your local waste facility in San Diego or use Recycle San Diego’s search tool. They will be able to provide sound advice on how to properly dispose of waste. These days, even items such as electronic devices are illegal to throw out in your trash. Learn about proper waste disposal and recycling so that you can reduce your risk of fines and help in maintaining the health of people and our planet.