Don’t Let Your Downtown Apartment Cramp Your Style

Don’t Let Your Downtown Apartment Cramp Your Style

  • Posted: Apr 07, 2014
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Living in the city is stylish, eclectic and hip. But it is also cramped! Most apartments in Downtown San Diego are small, one-bedroom units or studios, which don’t offer a whole lot of storage space. So if you don’t want to be storing your sweaters in the oven, like one of our favorite, fictional sex columnists *uhhmmm Carrie Bradshaw uhhumm*, then you need to check out Ball Park Self Storage.  There are units of all sizes, including smaller ones for just those few things that won’t fit in the cabinets or closets. They are located in the heart of San Diego, just blocks away from Petco Park and the historic Gas Lamp Quarter.

Cramped For Life

Now, I’m sure that you don’t plan of staying in your apartment your entire life, right? I mean, you may still need to establish your career and relationships before you think of expanding; but most likely, you will. That’s why you don’t want to just get rid of your things like your great leather hand-me-down couch or that extra mattress and bed frame you’ve been hanging on to from college. You never know when you have enough space for a guest room or family room. Ball Park Self Storage is great if you live Downtown because you can easily get to the facility and store your things hassle free. They have packing materials available and moving trucks as well.

5 Stars Well Earned

Ball Park Self Storage has the highest ranking of 5 stars on it’s website and all the customer reviews have one thing in common; the friendly staff. It is always nice to know that you can trust the people who are in charge of looking after your things. Many other reviews raved about the services Ball Park Self Storage offers: e-waste drop off provided by Recycle San Diego, clothing donation bins, dump stations, truck rental, and 24 hour surveillance of the facility. It is always good to save some things when you are planning for your future, but your old, clunky TV or boom box, are probably not high on your list of necessities. Ball Park Self Storage makes it so easy to drop off your old electronics to the e-waste drop off; it’s even available to the general pubic.

It’s Ok To Be A Hipster

If you are thinking of moving to the urban chic downtown area, do it! If the question of where you’re going to put your extra stuff comes up, remember Ball Park Self Storage. They have so many cool things to offer, it’s any wonder why everyone isn’t storing their things with Ball Park Self Storage.