Where to Recycle Printers

Where to Recycle Printers

  • Posted: Jul 08, 2014
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Do you have a pile of old printers that you need to dispose of? If you have been collecting printers by the dozen or you own a business and are phasing out your old commercial-grade printing machines, it is important to learn where to recycle printers so that you can benefit the community without impacting the environment. In California it’s illegal to throw away printers, so choosing to recycle your printers at an e-waste recycling center has its advantages. Read on, and find out where to recycle printers in your area before you visit the dump.

Why You Should Not Throw Away Your Printers

There is more than just one reason to skip the trash can and take your printers to a recycling center. First off, the dump won’t accept them. It’s illegal to throw them away. Also, cartridges and other components of the printer may contain ink which contains toxic materials that can have a negative impact on the environment and human health. If you are tempted to toss your printers in your dumpster, you should avoid the temptation and think about how making a single trip to a local recycling center can make such a big difference.  Why not? It’s free to recycle.


What Components of Printers are Recyclable

Most printers can’t be reused but the components are made up of plastics and metal. According to How Stuff Works, printers are made of a series of nozzles to spray drops of ink directly on the paper. Laser printers use dry ink and static electricity to heat the ink onto the paper. Printers contain small motors that move the assembly across the paper. They also have belts, rollers, power supplies, and circuit boards. All of those components contain metal, plastic, and various compounds. An inkjet printers also contains a small crystal. Cool huh?


Over 18 Locations to Recycle Your Printer for Free

If you are looking for a reliable recycling center that accepts e-waste, turn to Recycle San Diego. With 18 different locations that are spread all throughout the county, you can easily find one that is on your way to work or on your way to the store. If you have a business, Recycle San Diego will even come to your location to pick up your printers, for a small fee. Visit Recycle San Diego’s locations page to find out where to recycle printers locally, and set aside a few minutes to make a difference.