About Recycle San Diego

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About Recycle San Diego

WHY RECYCLE SAN DIEGO?About Recycle San Diego

For over 7 years, Recycle San Diego has been serving over 50,000 businesses and households with free electronics recycling.  Family-owned and operated since 2006 Recycle San Diego is the largest independent universal waste electronics, lamp, and battery recycler in San Diego.  Today our company manages universal waste for thousands of companies in San Diego.


Recycle San Diego has become San Diego’s largest private universal waste management company by listening to customers.  We provide personal service by being available via phone, email, or in person whenever needed.  We work with your team to provide a robust universal waste disposal plan which not only keeps you in compliance with mandatory recycling laws, but also sets the tone for your company values.


Recycle San Diego has invested tremendously in technology, equipment, and personnel to track the journey of your assets throughout the entire recycling process.  We’ve built a secure facility which is separate from our main facility to handle all destruction needs.   Our facilities and equipment are regularly inspected to ensure compliance with our security standards.  Our employees are all thoroughly background checked, continuously trained, measured, monitored and evaluated.  We have the latest in video surveillance technology, including remote access, keyless/auto-locking doors, etc.


Recycle San Diego will keep your company EPA (and/or DTSC) compliant by providing proof that your e-waste was disposed of properly. By using RSD’s services, you will be protecting yourself from violating any e-waste disposal laws, and potentially getting fines of up to $20,000 per e-waste item. See the process overview below.


Recycle San Diego starts by collecting e-waste from the San Diego community. Next, we sort the e-waste by type, and resell any parts that can be reused. Finally, RSD recycles the rest with downstream processors where some contain the following certifications:

Since Recycle San Diego operates as a collector, not a processor, these certificates are not required of us. However, Recycle San Diego does hold our downstream processors accountable for keeping these certifications up-to-date. The State of California does have a program where recyclers can be reimbursed for the cost of recycling CRT (“cathode ray tube”), LCD, and Plasma devices.

The RSD Guarantee: RSD will provide you with the most current, technology-driven e-scrap processing at the lowest possible cost.



Recycle SD, Inc.
CA EPA ID #CAL000334471
CA Integrated Waste Board #108091