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Recycling Bulky Item Collection

Dispose of Furniture Through Bulky Item Collection

Recycling Bulky Item CollectionBuying new furniture can be fun and exciting. Redecorating your home is a joy, but you may be less excited about the prospect of getting rid of the old furniture you are no longer using. Transporting these items on your own may be impossible or very difficult, but there are other options available to safely dispose of these items.

Bulky Item Collection Services

Your municipal trash collecting service may offer “bulky item” collection services, either with your regular collection services or as an extra request. Make sure you understand exactly what qualifies as “bulky items”, because different collectors will define this term in different ways. For example, you may not be able to dispose of automotive parts or construction materials in this manner.

Find Out Specifics

Different trash collectors have varying rules on how to set up a bulky item collection. You may need to fill out an online or paper request, and there also may be a fee for the collection itself. Make sure you follow all guidelines set out by your trash collector in order to ensure your item gets picked up.

Alternatives to Bulky Item Collection

Putting your old furniture in the local landfill may be the easiest option, but take time to consider all the options before you go that route. Is your old armchair still in decent condition? Could your couch help out a family in need? Would a college student love to have that old table and chairs? There are so many people in need, why not donate your used furniture to a local thrift store or charitable organization? Of course, the transportation will be up to you to work out, but the end result is less waste, and hopefully helping someone who needs it. If you don’t want to donate your used items, consider selling them online and having the purchaser arrange for pick-up.

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