Recycling Computer Monitors in Chula Vista

Recycling Computer Monitors in Chula Vista

  • Posted: Jun 24, 2014
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RSD_WebButton_LocationsMany residents and business owners alike are making the conscientious decision to actively work toward a better environment. You may already recycle waste through curbside recycling programs, and you may have made other changes in your home or business for green living or work practices. However, some decisions may be more difficult to make. For example, in both homes and workplaces, computer monitors may be used, and you may wonder what steps you need to take to retire these machines in an environmentally friendly way. You can recycle computer monitors in Chula Vista with ease through Recycle San Diego.


Why Computer Monitors Are a Challenge

With some types of waste, you can simply place the waste in a recycle bin for pick-up or for delivery to a recycling location. However, many of these services accept standard materials like paper and cardboard, plastics, glass and aluminum. Computer monitors have numerous components, and some of them may be hazardous or unhealthy to dispose of, depending on the type of monitor you have. They must be disposed of properly, and curbside recycling is typically not a solution. More than that, tossing them into the trash is detrimental to the environment. We make it easier for you to recycle computer monitors in Chula Vista through our services.


The Convenience of Our Services

When you contact us to recycle computer monitors in Chula Vista, you can learn more about our free services. We will accept your computer monitors at any of our locations throughout the San Diego area, and we will recycle them for you free of charge. We do have a branch location in Chula Vista as a convenience to you, and we also have other locations in places like Miramar, Mission Valley and others. You simply have to drop your monitors off with us, and you can rest assured that they will be recycled properly without harming the environment.

In addition to recycling services for computer monitors, we also accept other types of waste that may be difficult to recycle elsewhere. This includes laptop computers and televisions. In fact, many of our customers will drop off multiple items at one time to the location closest to them, and this is a simple and easy solution to the challenge you are facing. You can give us a call today to learn more about our recycling service, and you will see why we are the company that you want to continue to use for your recycling needs in the future.



Keep La Jolla Beautiful

Keep La Jolla Beautiful

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What can be better than living in La Jolla? You’ve got the majestic ocean views, quaint little shops, fabulous eateries, and of course, Meanley and Son Ace Hardware. By teaming up with Recycle San Diego, Meanley & Son, located at 7756 Girard Ave. in La Jolla, now offers San Diego country residents a free light bulb and battery drop recycling service. Items accepted for recycling include: incandescent light bulbs, 4′ Straight Fluorescent Lamps, Cell Phones, iPods, PDAs, CFL Light Bulbs, Biax CFL Light Bulbs, Rechargeable Batteries (NiCAD, Li-ion, NiMH only) and Alkaline Batteries.

What’s the Big Deal About Recycling Batteries and Bulbs?

One might ask why it’s so important to make sure that your used batteries and light bulbs are recycled properly. The answer is simple. If a battery or a light bulb is simply thrown away, all the toxic chemicals they contain, such as mercury, lithium, cadmium, and other battery acids are released into the environment, and eventually find their way into our waterways, soil, and air.

Save the Whales and Some Money

When you recycle your batteries or light bulbs at Meanley and Son Ace Hardware, you are not only preventing further pollution of the environment, but you also get a ten-perfecnt-off-coupon that you can use the day you recycle. Recycling your batteries and bulbs has never been so easy. Bring your old light bulbs or batteries in for recycling and you are rewarded with a discount to purchase all the household items that Meanley & Son Ace Hardware have in stock. It’s a win-win situation!

Recycle Today!

So what are you waiting for? There has never been an easier time or place to recycle your used batteries and light bulbs. Meanley and Son Ace Hardware knows the importance of recycling, and the impact it has on the environment. Where else can you recycle your batteries and bulbs for free, and get a ten percent off coupon for most everything in their store? Visit their website to find out more about Meanley and Son Ace Hardware, and their commitment to prevent pollution in the environment and waterways.   So help keep La Jolla the “Jewel of San Diego” clean from toxic waste.

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Pellentesque elementum – Post Single with Custom Link

Pellentesque elementum – Post Single with Custom Link

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