Our Resource:  Express Waste & Recycling

Commercial Waste Hauling in San Diego County

Express Waste & Recycling provides Commercial Collection Services in three forms. Front-Load Container Services , Roll-off services which include open-top containers  and compactor services . By being locally managed and operated as well as community participants we take pride in providing you with unmatched service.

Industrial Waste Collection – as easy as it can be

Express Waste & Recycling provides services to industries through its Front-Load Container Services and Roll-off services . Our trained staff will confer with you to evaluate and establish your optimum need in service. Once service is established, we our Nextel dispatched staff and vehicles can communicate any changes, cost saving opportunities and service issues.

Temporary Services

Express Waste & Recycling provides temporary services utilizing Front-Load Containers and Roll-off Boxes. If you need a 3 yard container  for a weekend clean up or a Low Side or High Side Container  to clean out a garage, move out, or landscape project. We are ready and willing to help you make your projects quick and efficient.

Permanent Services

Express Waste & Recycling provides permanent Waste Removal and Recycling services on a scheduled basis. We can provide this service utilizing Front-Load Container Services and Roll-off Boxes. If you need once weekly service up to daily disposal service, our Nextel Dispatched personnel and vehicles are ready to service you in a timely and efficient manner. Since we are a member of the same community that we service, we take pride in helping keep our community environmentally sound.

Roll Off Boxes

Express Waste & Recycling provides open top roll-off containers in 3 sizes:

  • Low Boys – These containers are usually used for Dirt, Rock, or Concrete materials. They average only 18 to 24 inches in height so that the can’t be overloaded by heavy materials.
  • Low Sides – These containers are an average of 4 feet high. Low Sides are perfect for roofing jobs, housing clean outs and anything that requires minimal lifting into the container.
  • High Sides – The industry standard at Construction sites and Industrial sites. These boxes average about 7-8 feet high and have 2 large doors in the back to help ease in loading. These boxes are perfect for large bulky items as well as major clean ups.