1 What is required to recycle my electronic devices?

The State of California requires that we obtain the following information from you:
Your name
Your address
Your phone number

What types of electronics do you accept? We accept: computers, monitors, TVs, small printers, laptops, cell phones, copiers, fax machines, and more!


2 What will it cost me to dispose of my e-waste?

Fees may apply. Contact us for details.


3 Why can’t I just throw it away?

Because electronic devices contain hazardous and toxic substances that pose serious risks to both our environment and our health. For example, heavy metals can leach into landfill soil and then into our underground water supply, causing severe and even life-threatening illnesses.



4 What types of hazardous or toxic materials are found in electronic devices?

TVs and computer monitors use cathode ray tubes (CRTs), which contain a significant amount of lead, a highly toxic heavy metal. Printed circuit boards contain plastic and copper, and most have small amounts of chromium, lead solder, nickel and zinc.


5 How do I get my used electronics to you?

You can get your electronics to us by dropping it off at one of our 18+ DROP-OFF LOCATIONS or at one of our FREE eWASTE RECYCLING EVENTS. You can also REQUEST A PICKUP for your business.


6 What does RSD do with the equipment it receives?

We sort and distribute the electronic equipment, sell the recyclable components (aluminum, copper, plastic, etc.), and send the CRTs to a recycler who processes it for recycling. We also sell some salvageable items to contracted parties.  Our primary goal is reuse and re-purposing components before recycling.  If items can’t be reused they are ultimately recycled.  We use certified R2, ISO:14001, ISO:9001 contracted parties for the processing of universal waste.


7 Could my business be held liable if our electronics are improperly disposed?

Yes. State and federal hazardous-waste regulations make businesses responsible for handling the disposal of their used, end-of-life electronics. In California as of February 2006 it is illegal to dump almost all electronic devices, batteries, and mercury containing light bulbs.


8 Can Recycle San Diego guarantee that these electronics won’t end up in a landfill?

Yes. Each customer receives a Certificate of Recycling which confirms that electronic waste was properly disposed of in accordance with state and federal laws.  This documented information is important for your tax records and for contesting any claims.


9 Does Recycle San Diego have all the necessary permits?

Yes. We have all the necessary local, state, and federal permits to operate our business. We have met all insurance requirements for operating our business and can provide policy information upon request.


10 When can I drop off my e-waste?

We are accepting electronics at 18+ DROP-OFF LOCATIONS seven days a week. We also host FREE eWASTE RECYCLING EVENTS throughout the County of San Diego every weekend.