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Christmas Tree Recycling In Your Area

Finding Christmas Tree Recycling In Your Area

Finding Christmas tree recycling in your area usually starts with a call to your municipality. There are private businesses that likely handle the actual recycling of the trees, but the sheer scale of these operations usually means that the municipality is involved in taking care of the entire affair, at least to some degree.

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O Christmas Tree!

If you have a natural Christmas tree, it’s a good idea to get it out of the house fairly quickly after the season. No matter how much you water it and no matter how many great tricks you know to keep it moist, they do dry out rather quickly and they present a serious fire hazard. Usually, Christmas tree recycling in your area should be scheduled within a few days of the holiday’s end.

Most of the time, to get your Christmas tree recycled, you’ll have to do no more than leave it out on the curb where you would put the general trash collection. In some cases, however, you may have to drive your tree to a specific location to have it recycled. If this is the case, you may have to call around until you find the recycling facility closest to you. Some recycling facilities that specialize in other items will actually take Christmas trees right after the holiday because of the huge demand for people to get rid of them.

Remember to tell neighbors about Christmas tree recycling in your area. Christmas trees contain, of course, wood, which is one of the most valuable resources of all. When you recycle your Christmas trees, you ensure that your purchase gets much more use than being decorated for a few weeks and tossed out. You also help to save resources by not sending your Christmas trees to a landfill or other facility where it will simply end up having to be trucked to yet another location.

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Christmas Tree Recycling In Your Area Christmas Tree Recycling In Your Area 


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