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Escondido Disposal (Resource Recovery)

Escondido Disposal (Resource Recovery)

You Will Appreciate Escondido Disposal (Resource Recovery)

What can people do when they have an enormous pile of questionable debris or junk? For example, if someone has passed away and the family is cleaning out the deceased’s home, it is likely that they may find a lot of things that need special handling and which cannot be chucked into the nearest dumpster. What on earth can they do?

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If they are located in Escondido, or even just in San Diego County, they can contact Escondido Disposal (Resource Recovery) at 760-745-3203.

Count on Escondido Disposal (Resource Recovery)

Located at 1044 W. Washington in Escondido, the group is available seven days per week from 7:00 to 4:30. They can pick up an almost limitless list of relatively non-hazardous goods.

For example, if you were that family cleaning out that home, you could find “sharps” or old needles, you might find all kinds of plastics, tons of old building materials, lots of regular recyclables, and old carpets, cabinetry and furniture. Oddly enough, you could give Escondido Disposal (Resource Recovery) a quick call and they would give you an estimate for the removal.

Not only would you get those unwanted materials off your hands as quickly as possible, but the group is going to reuse and recycle everything to the greatest degree imaginable.

This means that the tons of PVC piping, old construction and demolition materials, out of date plumbing fixtures, acoustic tiles, and just about anything else you can think of that is not flammable or toxic, can be hauled away by this handy and efficient group.

Benefits of Good Service

Though this sort of service is of direct benefit to you as the owner of a home or property, you have to remember that it is also remarkably beneficial for you to ensure that these things don’t sit around in landfills or get dumped in otherwise healthy places, and this recovery group offers that kind of guarantee.

Items They Recycle:
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Escondido Disposal (Resource Recovery)Escondido Disposal (Resource Recovery)

1044 W. Washington
Escondido, CA 92025
Phone: 760-745-3203

  • Plastics, Transfer Stations, Needles/Sharps, County Curbside Recycling Programs, CRV Plastic, CRV Glass, CRV Aluminum, CRV California Redemption Value, Wood Pallets, Wire, Window, Tools, Tile, Stucco, Sand, Roofing Materials, Rock, Reusable Construction Materials, Rebar, PVC Pipe, Pipe, Mixed Recyclables (Bottles, Cans, Metals, Cardboard, Paper), Mixed Inerts (Dirt, Asphalt, Concrete, Rock, Sand), Lumber, Insulation, Drywall (Used), Drywall (New, Unpainted, Scrap), Doors, Dirt – Clean Fill, Construction Debris, Concrete, Ceiling Tile (Acoustic), Ceiling Tile (Acoustic), Carpet/Carpet Padding, Cabinets/Cabinet Doors/Cabinet Fixtures, Brick/Masonry/Tile, Asphalt, Construction/Demolition, Sinks (Metal), Sink (Non-metal), Bathroom Fixtures, Bath Tub, Plant Pots, Plastics #1 PET (Not CRV), Plastics #2 HDPE (Not CRV), Plastics #3 PVC (Not CRV), Plastics #4 LDPE (Not CRV), Plastics #5 PP (Not CRV), Plastics #7 Other (Not CRV)

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