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Golden Hill Recreation Center

The Golden Hill Recreation Center Offers Convenient Recycling

The Golden Hill Recreation Center is a facility that is located in San Diego. It offers recreation activities to the many people in the area. These activities include outdoor basketball courts, handball courts, parks, picnic areas, lighted softball and baseball fields, a gymnasium and many other recreational opportunities.

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What Does the Golden Hill Recreation Center Recycle?

The Golden Hill Recreation Center recycles a large amount of everyday items. They can process and recycle the following items: empty aerosol cans, clear glass, California Redemption Value (CRV) plastic, CRV glass, cardboard, steel cans, green glass, brown glass, blue glass, magazines, mixed paper, phone books, shredded paper and newspaper.

Items like glass, plastic and aluminum are some of the most common items that can be recycled. This is because they are simple to break down and then can be molded into entirely new items, saving a lot of energy in the process. When items are developed from raw materials, they utilize far more energy and natural resources than when items are created from recycled materials. Paper items are also fairly easy to reprocess and turn into other paper items.

Where is the Golden Hill Recreation Center Located?

The Golden Hill Recreation Center is located at 2600 Golf Course Drive, San Diego, California, 92102.

When Can Recycling Items Be Dropped Off at the Golden Hill Recreation Center?

Items can be dropped off at this recreational facility 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

How Does the Recycling Process Work at the Golden Hill Recreation Center?

The process of recycling is completely free to anyone at this facility. All you have to do is come to the Golden Hill Recreation Center at any time of the day on any day of the week and place your recycling items in the outside drop-off bin. This bin is easy to use and it makes recycling a very simple and nearly effortless process.

Items They Recycle:
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Golden Hill Recreation CenterGolden Hill Recreation Center

2600 Golf Course Dr.
San Diego, CA 92102
Phone: (619)235-1138

  • Outside drop-off bin only.

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