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North Park Recreation Center

The North Park Recreation Center Offers Free Recycling At Any Time

North Park Recreation Center is an all-purpose recreational facility located in San Diego. The facility offers tennis courts, fitness classes and a variety of fitness equipment for San Diego residents to use to get fit and stay healthy.

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What Does the North Park Recreation Center Recycle?

The North Park Recreation Center recycles such items as California Redemption Value (CRV) plastic, CRV glass, CRV aluminum, empty aerosol cans, shredded paper, phone books, white office paper, newspaper, steel cans, mixed paper, magazines and cardboard.

California offers a redemption amount for certain plastics, glass, and aluminum. Items will be marked with the amount of the CRV so that you will know how much the redemption value is. These items offer redemption values because they are easy to recycle items that can really have a big impact on the health of the Earth if they are recycled. Recycling anything helps to cut down on your carbon footprint and can lead to a cleaner Earth. Items like glass, plastic and aluminum can be melted down and turned into other items that can be used again and again. If these are thrown out, they can lead to dangerous toxins being released into the air and the water supply in the areas surrounding the landfill. Paper products can also be reused to save trees and air quality.

Where is the North Park Recreation Center?

The North Park Recreation Center is located at 4044 Idaho Street, San Diego, California, 92104.

When Can Recycling Items be Dropped off At This Center?

Your items to be recycled can be dropped off at any time of the day, any day of the week at the North Park Recreation Center.

The center has an easy to use drop off bin where items can be placed. Bring items with a California Redemption Value during business hours to receive your reimbursement. Place your items in the drop off bin at any time of the day for free.

Items They Recycle:
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North Park Recreation CenterNorth Park Recreation Center

4044 Idaho St.
San Diego, CA 92104
Phone: (619) 235-1152

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