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Old Town Recycling

Old Town Recycling Recycles Many Household Items

Old Town Recycling is a recycling facility located in San Diego that processes a number of everyday household items.

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What Does Old Town Recycling Recycle?

Old Town Recycling has the capabilities to process a number of various items including empty aerosol cans, CRV aluminum, CRV glass, ferrous metals such as steel and iron, non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass, shredded paper, phone books, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, books, motor driven garden tools, lawnmowers, cooking oil, bikes, tin cans, steel cans, propane tanks that are empty, household glass, various colored glasses, rebar, toilets, pipes, metal sinks, bathroom fixtures, bath tubs, various auto parts, water softeners and water heaters.

Recycling these items is much better for the environment than it is to throw these out. Landfills are already very full and our Earth becomes cleaner when items are used again and again. To keep the ecosystem clear of dangerous toxins and to cut down on carbon emissions it is essential to recycle these types of items if possible.

Where is Old Town Recycling Located?

Old Town Recycling is located at 2161 Hancock Street, San Diego, California, 92110.

When Can Recycling Items Be Dropped Off at Old Town Recycling?

Recycling Items can be dropped off Mondays through Sundays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

How Does the Process Work at This Facility?

Please call ahead to Old Town Recycling at 619-543-9961 to find out about any fees associated with recycling certain items and what restrictions may apply. If you wish to have your items picked up, you must schedule an appointment and you will need to pay a fee for this service. Old Town Recycling pays you when you bring in certain items and they charge a fee for other types of items. They do not accept Pyrex, window glass or light bulbs. Call today to find out more information.

Items They Recycle:
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Old Town RecyclingOld Town Recycling

2161 Hancock Street
San Diego, CA 92110
Phone: 619-543-9961

  • Call ahead for fees and restrictions that may apply. Charges a fee for pick up. Pays for some items and charges for others. This site does not accept Pyrex, window glass, or light bulbs.

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