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Plastic bag and film recycling information

Basic Recycling Information for Plastic Bag and Polyethylene Film

When you go to the grocery store, you will often come home with tons of plastic shopping bags. While some people reuse those bags, most of them simply find their way into the trash, or perhaps your own recycling bins. You may also have polyethylene (PE) film around that is no longer usable. Instead of throwing this into the trash, you should find some ways to recycle it, just as you do with the plastic bags.

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Recycle Plastic and Film

If they go into the trash, they are going to cause many different problems. They will take up quite a bit of space, and the wind could mean that the bags in the landfill today are floating around the streets tomorrow! When it comes to recycling the plastic grocery bags, you will find that most grocery stores have bins out front where you will be able to drop them off for recycling. It doesn’t cost a thing to drop them off, and you can simply bring the old bags with you the next time you go to the grocery store.

Some of the drop offs will take other types of plastic as well such as the plastic around paper towel and toilet paper, plastic retail bags, and case wrap. You should talk with an associate in the store about recycling different types of plastic if they don’t have the bins labeled with the items that they accept. Some will accept PE film, but again, it’s always a good idea to ask and make sure at any recycling facility you might choose.

Recycling is Easy

Recycling film and plastic bags is an easy way to help keep the environment clean. Find different companies in your area that take various types of recycling and start doing your part for the future generations.

Items They Recycle:

Plastic bag and film recycling informationPlastic bag and film recycling information

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