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Police, Sheriff, or Fire Dept

Recycling Ammunition with the Police, Sherriff or Fire Department

The Police, Sherriff or Fire Department of San Diego works everyday to keep the public safe. By providing vital services to stop crimes, respond to accidents, and stop fires, these departments are truly the public servants of the area. In addition, any one of these departments is working to help protect the environment and protect the people who live in it

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What Will the Departments Recycle?

If you have old ammunition, then you will need to know how to properly discard of it. You cannot just throw it in the trash. That would be extremely dangerous. Old ammunition may not work anymore, but it is volatile and should never be sent out with the trash. Instead, you will need to recycle it. This is a fantastic service that your police, sheriff or fire department will provide.

Where Do You Go to Recycle?

In order to determine which department you need to visit in order to recycle your ammunition, simply call 858-974-2222 to locate your local department of this type. Since there are different departments all over the city, you do not have to drive inordinately far to recycle your old ammunition as well. Just make sure to find your local department and ask their hours. Recycling old ammunition does not cost anything. All you need to do is visit the police, sheriff or fire department and indicate that you have old ammunition that needs to be recycled. This ammunition can be refurbished and used or it can be melted down for the metal.

The police, sheriff or fire departments of your area are here for you in more than one way. These public servants can protect you, but they can also help with vital recycling in your city. If you have old ammunition, be sure to take it to the right department and get it recycled properly.

Items They Recycle:

Police, Sheriff, or Fire DeptPolice, Sheriff, or Fire Dept

Multiple Locations – Check Google Maps
Phone: 858-974-2222

  • Call your local Police, Sheriff, or Fire Department for information on the location of the nearest police station that can accept ammunition from the public.

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