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Rancho Bernardo (North County Inland) eWaste Drop-Off Events

Do Not Miss Rancho Bernardo (North County Inland) eWaste Drop-off

Rancho Bernardo (North County Inland) eWaste Drop Off EventsRecycling has become an ever-increasing priority in our world which faces global warming, filled-up landfills, and pollution that is making the air practically un-breathable in our larger cities. Those who have a concern about the health of our planet know that the best way to conserve our environment and save resources is to recycle everything we can. What you may not know is that almost everything is recyclable, at least in part, and that includes your old electronics.


Don’t Throw It Out

State law in California forbids you from just tossing your old electronics out with the rest of your trash. That’s because electronic waste, or eWaste, often contains heavy metals and other toxins that can cause real harm if they get a chance to seep into the water supply and the earth. In some cases, your eWaste could lead to fatalities if it is improperly disposed of. That is why it is so important that you find an organization to safely dispose of your hazardous eWaste and recycle and repurpose the parts that can be reused.

Recycle San Diego Is Here

Recycle San Diego is a newer company in the San Diego area that has been stepping up the pace for eWaste recycling in the area. Over the last two years alone, Recycle San Diego has partnered up with over twenty area businesses to sponsor free eWaste recycling events in the area. You can find free eWaste drop-offs in the Rancho Bernardo area, which is zip code 92127.

Lawful Disposal Practices

On of the best parts about using Recycle San Diego is the peace of mind you’ll get. You’ll receive a certificate of recycling that certifies your eWaste has been properly disposed of for your records. Recycle San Diego holds its downstream processors to high standards and is fully insured and compliant.