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San Diego eWaste Drop-Off Events

Never Overlook San Diego eWaste Drop-off Events

San Diego eWaste Drop Off Events

There has been an increase in awareness about recycling and green issues in recent years, but one thing that many people don’t stop and think about often is the recycling of electronic waste, or eWaste. This is overlooked so frequently because most of us don’t think about our electronics as being recyclable. The truth is, there are many individual components of our electronics that can be repurposed or broken down and recycled, and there is no need to throw all that valuable material into a landfill.

Each Saturday from 10am to 2pm Recycle San Diego host free e-waste drop off events.  Items accepted are all electronics – working or not.   If you can’t make it on a Saturday you can also drop off your e-waste each weekday free of charge.

Recycle San Diego

8222 Ronson Rd

San Diego, CA 92111