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SDG&E Lighting Turn-In Program

Participate in the SDG&E Lighting Turn-in Program

One of the areas where we waste quite a bit of money each year is in our energy bills; with the fluorescent and incandescent lighting in use through many homes and offices. By turning to more energy efficient options, it is possible to start saving money on those monthly energy bills. In San Diego, you can participate in a lighting exchange program, where you can bring in your old bulbs and exchange them.

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What Happens at the Events?

You will be able to bring in different types of lights such as fluorescent bulbs and tubes, and well as traditional bulbs. You will be able to trade in up to five incandescent bulbs that are 75 watt or higher, and exchange them for the same number of new energy efficient bulbs. You can also trade in up to two halogen lamps for two new energy efficient lamps.

Finding the Next Lighting Exchange

The lighting exchanges happen in San Diego throughout the year, and throughout many different locations. The best way to find out the time and location of the next event is going to be through checking their website at SDG& They have listings that will keep you updated as to the upcoming events. You will also find an application online that you will need to print and fill out in order to be able to participate. In addition, bring a copy of a valid California ID as well as a copy of your SDG&E bill. These are for identification purposes.

It is Great for Everyone

These types of events are great for everyone. It’s easy to bring in your items and exchange them free of charge, and best of all, you will be able to start saving more on your energy bill. With more and more people turning to energy efficient lighting, these events are a very smart move for communities.

Items They Recycle:
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SDG&E Lighting Turn In ProgramSDG&E Lighting Turn-In Program

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San Diego, CA 92110
Phone: 1-877-R1-EARTH

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