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Storm Drain Hotline (City of SD)

Drain Pollution Services in San Diego

What do you think happens to the water that goes down the storm drains? Unlike water that goes down the drain into the sewer, this water is not filtered of all the pollutants that are in it.

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Where Does it Go?

The water from your storm drain goes directly into lakes and oceans and other bodies of water. For this reason, you should never pour anything into the storm drain, especially liquids that contain chemicals or other harmful products.  Everything other than rain water will harm the bodies of water where the liquids end up.

You should do your best to prevent anything from possibly ending up in your storm drains. In some places, pouring anything in those drains at all is illegal. It is dangerous to the environment and the water supply.

If you notice a problem with your storm drains or gutters, you should call the Storm Drain Hotline in the city of San Diego at 619-235-1000.

This is also where you would report someone you know pouring contaminants down the storm drains.

Our Water

We need water to survive. We need it as individuals, as communities, and as a planet. We should do what we can today to prevent water pollution tomorrow. While there is not much we can do for every problem in the world, some things can be prevented and one of those things is storm drain pollution.

If you enjoy having clean water to drink, to cook with, to bathe in and more, it is because you live in a community that cares about keeping its water clean.

The city of San Diego takes water pollution seriously, which is why they have the Storm Drain Hotline. The sooner problems are reported, the sooner they can be fixed, and the less damage that can be done.

We only live on one planet. Doesn’t it make sense to take care of it?

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Storm Drain Hotline (City of SD)Storm Drain Hotline (City of SD)

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San Diego, CA 92102
Phone: 619-235-1000

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