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Make Some Green For Kids Korp

By Jeffrey Harding

SAVE some Green…

Make Some Green For Kids Korp

MAKE some Green ($) for Kids Korps!

Set up “My Account” for your home or business with SDG&E between
July 10th- July 31st, and earn a $50 donation for Kids Korps! 

Make Some Green For Kids Korp

1. Enroll in SDG&E “My Account– your one-stop shop for your personal energy information.
****Already enrolled—No problem! You can still earn Kids Korps $ by completing the next steps! Each step earns a $10 donation for Kids Korps!
2. Go Paperless on your SDG&E Bill– Save trees and postage by logging into your bills online (you’ll have access to 13 months of bills).
3. Sign up for “Reduce Your Use” Day Alerts– help conserve energy this summer, and you’ll be eligible to receive a credit on your SDG&E bill!
4. Give us feedback– tell us a feature that you like on My Account and/or a new feature you’d like to see behind the “My Energy” tab.
5. Complete the above Steps + Survey- and you’ll be entered to win a NEW IPAD!! Survey Link:
***Please note, you must complete the survey for the donations to be tallied, and to be entered into the opportunity drawing for the iPad. At the end of the promotion, SDG&E will make a donation directly to Kids Korps USA, based on the surveys collected and the number of steps completed (each step earns Kids Korps $10.00, up to $5,000). If you already have “My Account”, no problem–you can still follow any of the other steps (SURVEY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT) and earn donations for Kids Korps. EACH step will earn a $10 for Kids Korps. 
For questions regarding the registration process or drawing, please email:

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