Nestor Recycling

Choose Local Recycling in Nestor

The green movement is alive and kicking in the Nestor neighborhood in San Diego, and you can become a part of it by participating in local recycling efforts. Nestor is a southern San Diego neighborhood located within the 92153 zip code, so you can start by searching for recycling centers within that zip code. There are easy ways to search for recycling centers, but it may be easiest to start with a quick Google search to see what you can come up with.

Find a Recycling company in the Nestor area

So Many Options

Lucky for you, there are a lot of different options when it comes to recycling in Nestor. You can start by checking out Main Street Recycling, Mike’s Recycling, Save the Planet Recycling Center, and San Diego Recycling Company, to name a few. Many of the local recycling centers take the typical recyclables like glass, aluminum cans, paper, and plastic, but you can find places that will handle more unusual items as well. For example, SOS Metals, Inc. will take your scrap metal, and you can find places that will take your old motor oil and other automotive fluids, paints, and household hazardous waste as well.

Search For More Information

If you can’t find what you are looking for, try using http://localhost:8888/rsd for a more detailed search. Recycle San Diego is an organization that offers comprehensive listings for recycling services all over San Diego. You can find resources for more unusual or even conventional recycling efforts, along with contact information, business hours, and more. Once you’ve located the recycling center you want to use, make sure that you call ahead and verify times and any additional fees. Some centers will also provide pick-up services for an additional fee, so look into that if you have bulky or heavy items that you want to recycle. Remember, anything you don’t recycle will get tossed into a landfill, so make an effort to find a greener way to handle your waste.