Recycling Light Bulbs Is Important

While we certainly remember to throw our glass bottles into the recycling bin, we often forget that light bulbs are recyclable, too.  Of course, because of the different parts and pieces involved, they can’t be tossed into the glass canister, too.  In fact, they’ll likely need to be taken to a specific facility.  Even if there is a bit more work involved in recycling bulbs, it’s important that we take the time to do so.

Why Different Facilities Are Necessary

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Though it may seem as though bulbs are simply glass and metal, there are actually some pretty dangerous components in them.  One of these components is mercury, which can be quite toxic if released.  Since much of the glass we recycle is used again for food or drink, there is no way we can lump all the glass together with items that contain toxic substances.

This is why it is so important to box your bulbs before you transport them, even if you’re just heading to the recycling facility to dump them.  They should be in one piece so they don’t cause problems for anyone collecting the items for you.

Where to Recycle Light Bulbs

San Diego has quite a few facilities that will accept your used bulbs, so take a moment to visit to see a comprehensive listing of items that are recycled..  Be sure to verify that the center accepts the bulbs you’re hoping to drop off.  You can find contact information on the listings so that you can call ahead to get all the information you need, including operating hours and items accepted.

Your bulbs will find new life again, and in the safest way possible.  Many of the components are simply repurposed into new light bulbs, while others are disposed of safely.  Best of all, none of the pieces make it to a landfill.

Alphabetical List of Light Bulb Recycling Items: