Don’t Throw The Bathtub Out With The Bath Water

There are many ways that you can reuse and recycle that old bathtub once you’re done with it. Whether you are completely remodeling your bathroom or just looking for an upgrade, consider this an opportunity to explore new life with your old tub.


Repurposing Can Be Fun

Your bathtub doesn’t have to go to the landfill. Think of all the waste that’s piling up in the dump every day. You can make that old bathtub into something new, and make your carbon footprint smaller. Whether you have an old style cast iron tub or a newer porcelain model, there are ways that you can create a new purpose for your bathtub without wasting all that material.

Consider a Bath Tub Liner

Before you remove that old bathtub, think about what you can do to avoid wasting it completely. There are companies that make liners that you can use to make your bathtub look like new. You can choose to work with companies that embrace green product lines and green methods of installation. Giving your business to green companies will also help reduce your carbon footprint.

Alternative Uses

When you are dealing with a cast iron bathtub, it is much easier to come up with ways to recycle the whole tub. Try to remove it from your bathroom in one piece. If you cannot, a metal recycling plant should be willing to purchase the pieces from you. Old bathtubs make ingenious planters, and could be a talking point in your landscaping. Consider saving your old bathtub to take out for parties as a giant storage container for ice and beverages.

If you cannot find a new use for your old bathtub, try to determine the materials that it is made of before contacting a local recycling plant. In this way, you can cut down on the waste being taken to your local dump.