Recycled Bikes Are All The Rage

It may surprise you to hear this, but many bike companies are moving toward using recycled and refurbished parts to build newer bikes. Local bike shops have jumped on the bandwagon as well, encouraged in part by the green movement and in part by consumers who just want to see things being used to their full potential. If you have a bike that you’d like dispose of in a waste-free way, consider getting in touch with a company that takes used bicycles for the purpose of recycling them.


Charities Love Donations

Before you consider your old bike as a piece of scrap metal, consider all the charitable organizations who would love to take your bike and get it to someone in need. A child who wants to learn to ride or an adult who needs a cheap way to get around town and to work may really love to have your bike, even if you are desperate to upgrade to a newer model. Don’t forget that these donations are often tax-free, so if you need a financial incentive, it’s easy to find.

Mechanic Training Programs

Sometimes, a local mechanic training program will be open to parts donations. You can donate your bike with the understanding that it will be tinkered with and probably torn apart to aid in the education of an up and coming mechanic.

Buy Recycled

In some areas, it will be easier to find these recycling friendly bike shops than in others, but it is worth the look. Some companies and local stores take pride in offering good-as-new recycled bicycles for reasonable prices. You may not be able to find the fanciest racing bike on the planet in these stores, but you can find a reliable ride that will get you where you want to go. Remember, it takes a lot to make an old bike truly damaged beyond any reusable purpose. Even if your bike has reached that point, you can recycle the metal. There’s always a green solution.