Properly Recycling Your Books That Are Hardbound

You may think that because your hardbound books are essentially 100 percent paper, they will be easy to recycle. You’d be wrong. While the pages inside your hardbound book are easy to reuse and recycle, the covers pose a unique problem. These hard covers contain a lot of glue, and the glue may also affect the recycling of the pages because of the binding process. Because many of the usual places that you will take your recycling to refuse to take hardbound books, many people end up throwing them away, leaving these books to rot in landfills. What a waste!


Always Consider Donation

First, think long and hard about why you are getting rid of your books. Are they damaged in some way, or are you just done with them? There are so many people around the world who do not have access to regular reading material. They would love to take your hardbound books off your hands! Get in touch with a local charitable organization, or start a book drive. You can help others in need with your hard to recycle books.

Specialty Recycling Services

There are some recycling centers that will take your hardcover books. These centers usually specialize in hard to recycle items, and will know how to recycle your hardbound books efficiently and economically. It is certainly a better alternative than throwing the books away.

Discard the Cover

As a last resort, you can always cut the pages out of the binding and throw away the cover. The pages of your book, after all, are just paper. Without the harmful and hard to recycle glue that comes in the binding, and the other materials that are often found in the hardcover, there is nothing stopping you from just dropping those pages in the recycling bin. This will at least minimize the waste by allowing you to recycle part of your book.