Did You Know You Can Recycle Christmas Lights?

When the Christmas season comes around, many of us make the decision to put up decorations. These decorations often include lights that can be festive and fun. Did you know that when those lights are broken, damaged or even just used, you can recycle them? Old Christmas lights are generally made from standard light bulbs that are not very energy efficient. Instead, they use much more electricity than needed, but there is a new option to consider.

The LED Lights

You most likely have already heard of LED. This lighting trend is low cost and extremely energy efficient. It is used in household lighting, television screens, corporate signs and now even Christmas lights. These LED Christmas lights use very little energy and they have another positive. They do not get warm when they are turned on even for an extended amount of time. The fire damage chance is minimal.

Recycling Old Lights

Even if you have lights that are working perfectly, you can still recycle them by taking them to a trade in center. Many locations will allow you to trade the lights in for a discount toward strands of the energy efficient LED lights. If you have broken light strands or strands that are malfunctioning in one way or another, you can still trade them in.

Many people think that recycling is limited to just paper and plastics. However, this is not true. There are so many ways you can take a big step for the environment. By changing your Christmas lights to energy efficient options, you can save a great deal in energy. This Christmas season, take a look at those old light strands. Don’t you think it is time to start making better decisions for the environment, for your energy bill and for your family? You can start making that difference today.