Find Recycling for Fluorescent Biax Bulbs

Your compact fluorescent Biax bulbs serve a wonderful purpose in several ways.  Not only do they last much longer than regular light bulbs, but they are also much more energy efficient.  Of course, to make this a possibility, certain materials are needed in the creation of the bulbs.  Those materials make these bulbs dangerous to the environment, should you ever decide to throw them out with the rest of your garbage.  Because these bulbs contain only a small amount of mercury, it might be tempting to cut corners and throw them away, but you could put the future of our environment in danger.

Recycling the Bulbs Is Important

When these bulbs are left to the landfills, they can break and leak that mercury into the ground.  Mercury is highly toxic, and can cause problems through air, water, and even plant life.  This is why it is so important to make sure you keep them separate from your regular garbage, and when you do take them to a recycling facility, you should be sure to keep them in a box so that they can’t break during transit.

Once you drop them off, they will be repurposed in many different ways.  The glass in these bulbs may be reused in new fluorescent Biax lamps, as well as any of the plastic and metal pieces.  The mercury will be disposed of in a completely safe way that will not cause harm to anyone.

Where to Recycle

There are several different locations in San Diego that will accept compact fluorescent Biax lamps, and many will be located near your home.  You can find these facilities by searching on http://localhost:8888/rsd.  This website provides a comprehensive listing of recycling centers in the area, including contact information, so you can call ahead to verify the business hours and let them know you’re coming.