Recycling Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps have made life a lot easier for us in several ways, but there are many things we must remember when dealing with these light bulbs. The first thing you must note is that you can’t simply toss them in the trash to head to a landfill.  Too many people already do this without realizing how dangerous the components of compact fluorescent lamps can be to wildlife, groundwater, and consequently, human life.  If you have been enjoying the benefits of compact fluorescent bulbs, it’s time for you to take responsibility for them when they come to the ends of their lives.

How Recycling Works

As with most glass items, these bulbs can be repurposed as new compact fluorescent bulbs, but not if we don’t make an effort to recycle.  Not only can the glass be reused, but there are other components, such as metal and plastic, that can be recycled, too.  The only part of the bulbs that can’t be reused is the mercury, and that’s the part that’s so dangerous for the environment.  When you take your bulbs in to be dealt with the right way, that mercury can be disposed of properly so that no one else needs to worry about it.

Where to Recycle

When you’re ready to take your bulbs for recycling, you can find a facility close to your home.  Recycle San Diego lists several in the area on their website, http://localhost:8888/rsd.  You can find the centers closest to you, as well as contact information.  It’s always a good idea to call ahead and confirm that they accept the materials you wish to drop off.  You can also double check the operating hours so that you can fit your trips in with your schedule.  You’ll feel great about recycling your compact fluorescent bulbs, because you’ll be helping make a brighter future.