Where to Recycle Fluorescent Lamps

Recycling fluorescent lamps is much more important than you might think.  The general reaction when a bulb blows is to toss it in the trash, especially since we can’t recycle them with our usual glass materials.  What you may not know is that these bulbs contain many harmful materials that could cause serious problems when the bulbs find their way into a landfill.  When those chemicals are released due to the bulbs breaking, they can seep into the ground and bring about problems with water, plant life, and animal life.

Where to Recycle Bulbs

If you need to rid yourself of fluorescent lamps, you can find several places in San Diego to take them.  The website http://localhost:8888/rsd has a comprehensive listing of the recycling facilities in the city that handle all types of recyclables.  You can locate the facility closest to your home with ease.  These listings also provide contact information so that you can call ahead to check business hours and verify the types of items collected at the center.  It’s always a good idea to let them know you’re on your way.

What Happens Then?

When you hand over your fluorescent lamps for recycling, they will be broken down and repurposed, if at all possible.  The glass can be reused in new lamps, while the other components can also be reformed for new uses.  If there are any dangerous materials, such as mercury, they can be dealt with safely and securely.  That will prevent any dangerous toxins from being released into the environment where they can cause problems.

The more you recycle, the less we have to rely on depleting supplies to make new items.  This will save us money, of course, but it will also ensure that we can enjoy our way of life for many more years to come.