Recycle Glass that is Blue Safely and Effectively

What is Glass that is Blue?

Glass that is blue is made from iron impurities that occur naturally in sand, as well as standard materials that make up clear glass. This type of glass is used for home interior design items like tile, flooring and stained glass windows. It can also be used for containers that hold foods and beverages. Many people enjoy this type of glass that is blue because of the deep, beautiful color. It is important that when you have removed old blue glass tiles or when you are finished with a glass food or beverage container that you dispose of them properly and separately from clear glass.


Why Recycle Blue Glass?

Glass that is blue should be recycled because like all types of glass, it is extremely easy for a plant with the right equipment to melt the glass down and use it again, freeing up landfill space and cutting down on pollution. It should always be recycled separately from other colors and types of glasses because mixing different colored glass can compromise the integrity of the newly formed glass. Make sure to always keep the colored glasses that you have in different recycling containers.

How to Recycle Glass that is Blue

When you are ready to recycle your blue glass, you can do so in a number of different ways. You may have a local recycling company that conducts pick-ups on a specific day in your neighborhood. Contact these companies to find out how to get on their list. Some of them may charge for pick-up, but generally it is free to take your glass that is blue to their recycling center. You can also find various bins and recycle drop boxes in your hometown at various places of business like grocery stores and hardware stores. They sometimes do not take colored glass, so make sure to read what the bin says. Taking your items to a reputable recycling center in your area is usually your best bet.