Manage Waste by Recycling Glass that is Brown

What is Brown Glass?

Brown glass is glass that is made with a tint of brown or amber. This color is achieved when carbon, nickel, or sulfur are added to molten glass prior to blowing it out into shape. This type of glass is most often used for food or beverage containers and is popular because it helps to protect the material inside from the effects of the sun. Glass that is brown is most often used in beer bottles and helps to preserve the freshness and keeps oxidation of the beer at bay.


Why Recycle Glass that is Brown?

Brown glass, just like every other kind of glass, is a very easy to reuse material. In order to create glass from raw materials, a number of elements must be used and the glass must be blown at extreme temperatures. This uses up a lot of energy and releases dangerous chemicals into the air, causing illness and pollution. When glass that is brown is recycled, this pollution is cut way down as the recycling process save energy and does not involve releasing any chemicals. When brown glass bottles find their way into landfills, they release unhealthy chemicals into the air, as well as take up excess space.

How to Recycle Glass that is Brown

Just like other colors of glass, brown glass is a very simple product to recycle. All you need to do is contact a recycling program in your area to find out what your options are. Many residential areas will have a waste management company that issues recycling bins and then picks up the recyclables on certain days. They may also have drop off hours at the onsite location. Either option will get the glass off your hands and recycled quickly and safely. Try to separate out your brown glass from others as it is easier for the company to process when you have already done this step for them.