The Best Way to Recycle High and Low Pressure Sodium Lamps

Many people have never heard of sodium vapor lamps, but they are actually used on a regular basis. There are two different kinds, including high and low pressure sodium lamps and there is a very good chance that you have at least one such lamp somewhere on your property.

What are These Lamps?

High and low pressure sodium lamps are used for a number of purposes, but they are almost always outdoor lights. Examples of where the lamps may be used on your own property include security lights, outdoor light fixtures, post lamps, driveway lights, dusk to dawn lamps and street light posts. In all of these situations, the lamp will almost always be sodium vapor.

Why Recycle Them?

Of course, you may be wondering why you cannot just throw the lamp in the trash. This would actually be a bad mistake for the environment. High and low pressure sodium lamps include mercury. If you are not familiar with mercury, it is a metal element that is extremely toxic to all living beings. It has been known to cause a whole variety of problems in humans including Alzheimer’s disease and death. It is equally toxic to animals. For this reason, the lamps need to be recycled so that the sodium will be properly discarded.

How to Recycle

If you have high or low pressure sodium lamps that you need to recycle, then all you need to do is take them to a facility that can discard of them properly. The mercury will be removed and managed in a safe way to avoid injuring the environment.

Almost all of us have lights that are made from sodium vapor. It is important that you do not throw those lamps into trash because this is dangerous for the environment and hazardous for humans and animals.