Recycling Your Mercury Vapor Lamp

When you need to replace a mercury vapor lamp, you may be wondering what to do with the old ones.  It’s important to remember that you can’t simply throw these lamps into the trash when you’re done with them.  Even if you’re just using one at a time, you should be sure to dispose of them properly.  If at all possible, you should seek out a recycling center that deals with these bulbs.  If you do, then fewer materials must be sourced each year to make new lamps, and you can also be sure that the hazardous materials in your old lamps will be dealt with properly.

The Problems These Lamps Can Cause

While it may seem your mercury vapor lamp is simply made of glass and metal, you should realize that the very name of the bulb tells you what materials are used.  Mercury is extremely toxic, and that’s why you must be sure to dispose of your bulbs without breaking them.  When you’re packing them up to take them to a recycling center, make sure they’re cushioned well so they won’t break and leak mercury.  You must realize that this mercury in a landfill can cause many problems with the groundwater, which then leads to problems with plant and wildlife.  When you recycle them, you’re ensuring that your bulbs never have the chance to cause these problems.

Where to Recycle

When you’re ready to recycle your mercury vapor lamps, you can seek out a recycling center in San Diego through Recycle San Diego.  The website, http://localhost:8888/rsd, provides a comprehensive listing of the facilities that are located throughout the city and surrounding area.  You can also find contact information so that you can call ahead to check operating hours and verify that the center will accept the materials you need to drop off.