Other Re-usable Items Can Be Better Than Recycling

There’s a lot of emphasis on recycling these days, but wouldn’t it be better if you could just find new uses for your used materials around the house? You can contribute to the green movement by consuming less and finding new ways to repurpose your old items. There’s no reason to keep buying new things when your old items will do just as well. And when you shop less, you send a message to producers that demand for their consumables has decreased. This kind of consumer pressure drives change in our marketplaces and protects our environment!

Substitute Rags for Paper Towels

One way that Americans go through tons of paper every year is through the use of napkins and paper towels. Instead of buying huge bags of paper towels, keep a supply of rags and sponges on hand to clean your messes. You may even find that using cloth rags works much better than paper towels. When your shirt gets a big hole or stain, or your bath towel outlives its usefulness, repurpose them into rags for your supply closet! Sponges are good for many uses, as long as you wash them and keep them in good repair. You’ll have to replace them, but it will be much less frequent than paper towel.

Stop Using Plastic Bags

Don’t fall into the trap of constantly picking up new plastic bags at the grocery store. Most of us know we shouldn’t use plastic bags, but are stuck doing so because we see no alterative. There is an easy solution. Buy cloth bags and bring them with you to the store. You won’t have to bother with those fragile, breakable plastic bags, and you’ll be wasting less by reusing your bags every time. If you must use the plastic or paper bags from the store, make sure that you properly recycle them to save on the consumption of energy and resources.