Replace or Repair Your Oven That Is Not Working

We’ve all been there. The appliance we rely on, whether it is the washer/dryer, the fridge, or even the furnace, breaks down right when we need it the most. If this has happened to you with your oven recently, you may be weighing your options carefully, especially considering the effort and energy that goes into properly recycling your oven once it no longer works. Call your city recycling service and discuss appliance recycling options. You may have to pay a service to take your broken oven, especially because of the heating elements present in some models.

Where to Recycle

If you find you must get rid of your oven as a last resort, you can consider Recycle San Diego your partner in recycling.  There are several facilities throughout the city that will accept your broken appliances so that the parts can be either recycled or repurposed in other appliances.

Consider Repair

It may seem to you that repairing your old model isn’t worth it, especially because finding the parts and opening it up to do a tune-up may be quite difficult. What you probably don’t understand is that many ovens, even those made many years ago, were built specifically to be repaired. The parts were made for disassembly, because replacing an oven can be so difficult.

Conservation Tips

If you are looking to buy a new oven, remember to look for the Energy Star label to make sure you are purchasing the best in modern technology. However, you should also keep other things in mind. For example, a gas stove will only consume a fraction of the energy that an electric model does. You can also use less energy by using pans that fit the burner size, covering your pots and pans, and only opening the oven door when strictly necessary.