Recycling Oxygen Tanks

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Recycling Oxygen Tanks

Always Recycle Used Oxygen Tanks

Recycling Oxygen TanksWhether your oxygen tank is for medical uses or scuba diving, there will come a time when the tank is empty and needs to be replaced. Don’t just allow your tank to get stacked somewhere, alone and forgotten. Your old oxygen tank is not trash, and it does not belong at the dump or in your basement. The great thing about these tanks is that most of the time they are made of high quality steel, which can be recycled hundreds of times without harm to the materials. Rather than waste all the energy and resources that went into making that tank, consider recycling as an option.

Return the Tank

If your used tank was obtained through a hospital or a dive shop, you may be able to return the tank to the place where you got it. The name of the original owner should be prominently displayed on the tank, so it won’t be hard to find. Even if the tank looks old or worn out, returning it to its original owner may be a great way to make sure it keeps getting used. Remember, steel is incredibly durable and hard to break, so it probably is in better shape than you think.

Call the Recycling Center

If returning the tank is not an option, you can check with Recycle San Diego and find out which ones accept oxygen tanks. Many of these centers may even have standing arrangements with local businesses or hospitals that use oxygen tank, but if they don’t, the steel is still very recyclable. These centers will clean and break apart the tanks for scrap metal, which will be recycled through a melting and reforming process. Generally, even if your recycling center doesn’t take old oxygen tanks, they will be able to direct you toward a business or center that will accept them. Throwing out the valuable resources in an oxygen tank doesn’t make any sense, especially considering that steel can be so endlessly recycled.

Recycling Oxygen Tanks