The Importance of Recycling Paint Thinner

Paint thinner is exceptionally helpful in many different ways, whether for an artist in the studio or contractors remodeling houses.  The problem with paint thinners, however, is that they are extremely harmful to the environment if they are disposed of incorrectly.  Too many people simply pour unneeded paint thinner down the drain or, even worse, into the ground in their own back yards.  By recycling, you can accomplish several great things at once.

Where to Recycle Your Paint Thinner

If you find you have leftover paint thinner after a project, you can simply check with those you know to see if they need some.  If not, you should dispose of your paint thinner with Recycle San Diego, which offers information on several different locations where you can drop off these hazardous materials.  By calling ahead to one of the many recycling centers available, you can ensure that the facility will be open when you arrive, and that they can take the materials from you.  It is important to discover which centers work with paint thinners before you make the trip.  These centers do not charge you for the disposal of your paint thinners, as the materials can often be reused in almost the very same state in which you leave it.

How Paint Thinner is Recycled

In most cases, the paint thinner you hand over for recycling will simply be repurposed.  It is easy enough to filter out any materials that don’t belong so that the excess paint thinner can be reused.  There are several different companies that take pride in using repurposed thinners, and that means there will always be a market for it.  If the materials you dispose of must be completely destroyed, the recycling centers can take care of that, too, so that your hazardous materials don’t end up contaminating our environment.