Tips for Recycling PCBs

While we all consider recycling milk jugs and glass bottles, there are quite a few things in our home that never occur to us to recycle.  Most people don’t think about recycling other waste, including PCB, or polychlorinated biphenyl.  Because there are certain regulations governing the disposal and recycling of PCB materials, you should trust Recycle San Diego to help you.

Where PCB Is Found

Many buildings that were built or renovated during the 1950s through the 1970s have caulk that contains PCBs.  Anywhere windows, doorframes, and building joints were installed or replaced could contain this caulk, as it was used to ensure that buildings remained watertight and airtight.  If you are considering a new renovation on a building that was either built during this time or renovated, you should consider recycling the materials you remove with Recycle San Diego.

Finding Drop-Off Centers

There are several different locations where you can turn in any materials containing PCBs for disposal or recycling with Recycle San Diego.  You can simply look up the location nearest you and let them know you have materials you need them to process.  It is wise to alert them to the amount they can expect to receive so they can be ready to handle the disposal for you.

Drop-Off Times

By calling ahead to determine if the recycling center can handle your PCBs, you can also learn the operating hours.  Though most keep regular business hours, you may find one or two centers that either close early or are open late.  By calling ahead, you can ensure you don’t show up to the center and find it closed.  The preparations you make ahead of time will save you a lot of irritation later.  You will see how easy it is to dispose of any materials the right way, and it may encourage you to continue doing so.