Disposing of Pipe Properly

When remodeling your home or repairing any plumbing issues, you may find you need to remove pipes.  Before you toss those pipes into the garbage can or take them to the dump, you may want to consider ridding yourself of them in a cleaner and more responsible way.  Our landfills can only take so much before we’ll begin to lose our earth to garbage.  By recycling your pipes, you can do your part to keep the planet pretty and safe for future generations.

How to Recycle Pipes

The pipes in your home are likely made from many different materials.  Depending on how old your home is, you could have anything from metal to the latest in plastics and PVC.  Whatever the materials used, there are recycling centers that will take them.

Simply gather up any of the pipes that were removed from your home and carry them to your closest recycling facility.  The metal and plastic pipes will be melted down again and reformed into new products.  If you have copper pipes, you could receive a large sum of money for them, since we are currently experiencing copper shortages.  That extra money in addition to the fact that you have done something wonderful for the environment could leave you feeling pretty good about yourself.

Finding a Great Facility

Before you run off to the closest recycling facility, you may want to check with Recycle San Diego to ensure the center you have chosen accepts the materials you want to drop off.  If you have several different types of materials, you may find that you’ll need to make more than one trip.

It is also a good idea to call ahead before you plan to travel so that you can be sure the facility is open.  While most operate on normal business hours, there are some that may close early on certain days of the week.