Finding New Life for Plant Pots

Sometimes we feel the need to get rid of things in our home that aren’t like the normal rubbish we throw out.  If you have broken plant pots or simply want to upgrade them, the temptation may be to throw your old ones in the trash and let them make the trip to a landfill.  Before you do that, you may want to consider some other options.  We have a responsibility to our planet and future generations, and that’s why you should consider the possibilities for repurposing your old plant pots.

Recycling Your Plant Pots

There are several ways you can recycle old plant pots.  Those made of clay or other materials that are not plastic may be a bit harder to recycle.  If you are creative, you might come up with new ways to use them.  Many people like to break them up and use them in mosaics or backsplashes in the kitchen for a rustic look.  You could also create artsy sculptures with them if you have an eye for that sort of thing.

Plastic plant pots can certainly be recycled, just as any other plastic materials would.  When you drop them off at your local recycling center, they will be melted down so that new products can be made from the plastics.

Where to Recycle

If you do need to recycle your old plastic pots, you can drop them at a local recycling center.  Recycle San Diego can provide you with a list of facilities that accept the materials you need to get rid of.  By checking this list, you can find the one closest to you and also read about their collection policies so that you’re not surprised when you arrive.  You can also double check the operating hours, since some close early on certain days of the week.