Recycling Plastic Bags and Film

The recycling process for plastic bags and film is entirely different than the processes for other plastics.  It is vitally important that we take note of how many of these items we use throughout the year and make an effort to cut down on the waste that makes it to the landfill, even if it means seeking out the different recycling centers to take specific items.

Plastic bags from shopping can add up quickly, even if they seem small.  Many people reuse these bags in the home, but at some point, they usually make their way to the trashcan instead of the recycle bin.  Even if you use your plastic bags to collect rubbish, consider dumping the rubbish so that you can recycle the bag later.

The Recycling Process

These items are quite easy to recycle, though film does require a bit more attention.  In most cases, the plastics are simply bundled and crushed until they can be washed and repurposed.  Because film contains additional chemicals, these chemicals must be dealt with appropriately before the plastic can be used again.  Fortunately, less film is being used in the current digital age, but there are still plenty of photographers out there who love the old style.  It’s important to remember to recycle the film whenever possible.

Where to Take Your Plastics

You can drop your plastic bags and film at your local recycling centers.  Most of theses centers simply collect the items and move them along to a recycling company, but Recycle San Diego can give you the names of direct recycling companies, too.

Before you make the trip with your recyclables, be sure to call ahead.  It’s important to check that your items can be accepted at the facility you choose, especially if you are hoping to rid yourself of film.