Recycling LDPE Plastics

LDPE, or low-density polyethylene, plastics are an important part of our daily life, but because they are often used for sturdy products, we forget that we should recycle them.  This plastic is what makes up trays and hard plastic containers, playground equipment, and computer parts.  Because it can also be pliable, cartons and six-pack rings are also made from this material.  You’ll recognize it when you see the recycle symbol with a number four.  This is how you know where to recycle any of the materials made from this particular plastic.

The Recycling Process for LDPE

These plastics go through the same basic recycling process as other plastics.  Essentially, the plastic is compressed into large blocks and then converted to flakes.  There is a purifying process that eliminates foreign substances, and the plastic is free to be used again to create new products.

This plastic is extremely resistant to quite a few chemicals, making it the perfect choice for many industrial uses.  It’s a vital part of our lives, and that is why it’s so important to pursue recycling, so that this important plastic doesn’t end up filling landfills when it could be used again and again.

To Make Donations to Recycling Centers

Recycle San Diego can provide you with a list of collection centers near your home.  You can use this list to find the facilities that accept LDPE plastics.  Keep in mind that not all facilities are the same, so you want to double check before dropping off any of your items.

For those with large amounts, such as businesses, you can contact facilities to see if there is a pick-up program.  There may be fees involved if you have the recycling center pick up the plastics, but the convenience is worth the price.  The most important thing is to pursue recycling to make the world a better place.