Plate Glass Can be Recycled

Many people do not realize that plate glass can be recycled, but it can be, and considering how much of the glass there is in the world, it is certainly a good idea to get it recycled when you can. No matter why you have plate glass that needs to be discarded, it is extremely vital that you have it recycled for your safety and for the safety of the environment and those around you.

What is Plate Glass Used for?

Plate glass has many different uses. Of course, the main one would be that the glass is used in windows, sliding glass doors, and French doors. However, these are not the only uses of plate glass. In addition, it is used in toppers for dining tables and coffee tables. The glass used in car windshields is also plate glass as well. There are many times when this type of glass could become cracked, crazed, chipped or damaged, and you may need to replace it.

Why Should You Recycle the Glass?

Your first instinct will be to simply throw away the damaged plate glass, but this would not be a very good idea. First of all, plate glass that is damaged can be harmful to you and your family. It will have sharp edges that could cut someone if they step on it or handle it. This glass is just as harmful if it is left in a landfill. To wildlife, shiny bits of plate glass could be interesting and they could cut their mouth and throat or they could even die from ingesting it.

How is Plate Glass Recycled?

The great thing about plate glass is that it can easily be recycled. It can be melted down for many different uses. You will find that glass that indicates it has been made from recycled materials, these items would be made from old plate glass.

You most likely will have plate glass that needs to be discarded at some point or another. Be sure to consider recycling it instead of just throwing it away.