Knowing How to Recycle Empty Propane Tanks

If you use a gas grill to cook your outdoor barbecues, then you will most likely need to dispose of propane tanks from time to time. These tanks are used for a number of different uses, but gas grills would most likely be the most common that you would see or expect. The good news is that there are better ways of disposing these tanks than just taking them to the landfill. It is important that you recycle propane tanks for the safety of your environment.

Why Do You Need it Recycle Empty Propane Tanks?

You cannot throw these tanks in the trash. They may still contain small amounts of propane and that could make them highly combustible if they are compacted. In addition, the metal of the propane tanks will take up great amounts of space within the landfills or other trash disposal facility. These tanks do not have to cause such a problem. They do not have to be dangerous and they do not have to be harmful. Instead, they can be reused if you take them to the proper recycling facility.

How are They Recycled?

The process for recycling propane tanks is actually extremely easy. The right facilities can check the propane tanks and certify them to be safe for use again. Then, they will be refilled with propane in order to be sold again. This way, more and more people can use the propane tanks for their grills and other devices and there will be little to no waste from the tanks being used.

There are many devices that make use of propane tanks. If you have one of these devices, then you will need to make sure you know how to properly dispose of the empty propane tanks. You should not just throw them away since this can be dangerous. Instead, you will need to know how they can be recycled.

Refillable Propane Cylinder Recycling

There are more than 20 locations in the city of San Diego that recycle refillable propane cylinders: Dixieline, Home Depot, Kmart, Navy Exchange/Nexcom, Stump’s Market stores, and Texaco gas stations. Call the location nearest to you.

Local retailers participating in propane barbeque cylinder exchange programs:

Blue Rhino

Disposable Propane Cylinders

Disposable propane cylinders are not recyclable. They are very expensive to properly dispose if not empty. If thrown in the trash without being empty, partially filled cylinders could cause damage to the refuse packer or injury to the driver or nearby residents.

For proper disposal, completely empty the one pound propane cylinder with normal use. Do not discharge into the air. Place the cylinder in the trash.