Steel Rebar is Easily Recycled

Steel is a very recyclable metal. In fact, it can easily be used again and again by melting down the scrap metal and then making new metal items. In the construction world, this is great news since there is often a great deal of steel scrap. For example, consider rebar. This type of steel is often found in scrap form, and it can be a little hard to discard if you do not know what to do with it.

What is Rebar?

Rebar is short for reinforcing bar and it is a steel bar that is used when concrete needs to be poured. If the concrete is to be very tall or if it is to be a support base, then it needs something that will make it stronger and that will keep it from crumbling. These steel bars are used in a grid form and then the concrete is poured around them. The rebar is trapped in the concrete and it makes the material much, much stronger.

Can Rebar Be Recycled?

There are times when concrete needs to be removed or when there are scraps leftover from a project. In these cases, then you will need to do something with the rebar. Since the rods are made from steel, it is quite easy to recycle them. This is definitely the best thing to do because if you discard them in any other manner, then you will be filling up space in a landfill. Instead, you can recycle them, which will make sure the steel is used again instead of just being thrown away.

If you have leftover rebar, keep in mind that the beams are made from steel and they are easily recyclable. Choosing to take the rebar to a steel recycling facility will make things easier for you and you can do your part for the environment as well.