What Should You Do to Get Rid of a Working Refrigerator?

If you are replacing your refrigerator, for whatever reason, and the old appliance is still working, then you will need to decide the best way to discard of it. Of course, you could recycle it since refrigerators do contain a great deal of steel. However, since the appliance is still working, there are much better options. No matter what, you should not throw the refrigerator in the landfill. Not only would this be a big waste of an appliance someone could use, but it would also be adding more to landfills and we all know how important it is to not do that.

Consider the Charity

If your old refrigerator is in good working condition and you are replacing it just because you want a new style or model, then you could consider donating the old appliance. Refrigerators are expensive and there are needy families who may be going without one. By donating your old appliance, then you can help someone else out and you will be avoiding adding more and more to a landfill.

Consider the Recycling Center

If the refrigerator is still working, but it seems to be malfunctioning in some way or another, then you will want to make sure you give it to someone who can refurbish it and recycle it for more use. There are many recycling centers that can take such appliances and repair them. All you need to do is find the right center. If the refrigerator cannot be repaired, then the center will recycle it for the steel that it contains.

If you have a refrigerator that is working, then you will need to make sure you discard of it properly. Do not just throw it away. Instead, consider your options for reuse or recycle. Either option would be much better than throwing the refrigerator in the landfill.